HBRA is one of the biggest sporting clubs within the Humboldt Bay. We are a very competitive club and we regularly participate in events across the country such as the Head of the American race, resulting in some excellent achievements from both our junior and masters squads. These events give the unique opportunity for local and national exposure for your company.

Like many organizations, HBRA, a non-profit, is facing financial challenges during these times. HBRA has provided access to Humboldt Bay for teens and adults for many years. We are currently asking our friends, current and former members and parents to contribute to the Club in order to meet our ongoing expenses so that HBRA remains viable. Please send your donation to


P.O. Box 750

Trinidad, CA 95570

or click the link to donate through PayPal


Thank you for your interest and support.

HBRA is currently seeking sponsorship and we have many opportunities to sponsor the club. As a community club, with a large presence in the Humboldt Bay region, sponsored brands would be seen at major Californian rowing events, as well as national events that we may attend. The details of sponsorship are negotiable but could include publicising your company on our website.

We are also open to the possibility of sponsoring the naming of boats, please see below for more details. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our boats, please contact the President.

Boat Naming

As a sponsor, what better way to advertise your identity than having an impact on the name of one of our boats. This could be completed with your company logos alongside.

As an alumni, there may be no better way to remember past years of rowing than giving back to your former club, a gesture that would benefit future HBRA rowers for many years. Whether you prefer a formal option or more informal name that harks back to your personal memories of rowing please get in touch with us.

If you wish to discuss this option please contact the President.