Get fit, follow a structured training program, compete against other clubs and have lots of fun!

Interested in learning to row? Follow these simple steps to learn more…

  1. Do you have the necessary level of fitness? Rowing is a physically demanding sport. In order to learn to row safely you must be able to:
    • weigh a maximum of 215 pounds for males and 180 pounds for females;
    • lift 35 pounds over your head;
    • stand unassisted from a seated position; and
    • maintain 20 minutes of moderate exercise,
  2. Determine which program is suitable for you. If you are under 19 and interested in our Juniors program you should call 707-267-7976.
  3. Adults can join by taking individual sculling lessons at our Adorni Center boathouse. Once certified, you will be given an access code to reserve a boat and to enter the boat and to use the equipment on your own schedule.
  4. Individual Scullers who are interested in joining the Masters Team practices can discuss with the Coach to join group practices.
  5. Pay for membership; and
  6. Attend your first session.