Welcome to Masters rowing on the Bay

What is a “master” rower?

In rowing “Masters” means adults, ages 19 and over.  ‘Sweep’ refers to rowing in boats in which each rower is using one oar.  Our sweep team is for men and women,  recreational and competitive, beginning and experienced rowers.  Boats are set according to skill level and coached at that level.

Practice schedule

Our practice times are Monday and Thursday evenings, 5.30-7.45 p.m and Sundays, 8-10.30 am.

On the water practices continue until Daylight Savings Time ends in November, when Tuesdays and Thursdays will consist of land practices.

Who can join?

Rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age. While HBRA does not require that team members compete, because of the size of our team, all team members practice in boats alongside competitive rowers. Rowing is perhaps the best sport for increasing strength and cardiovascular conditioning, but new members should already have the strength to carry a boat and good cardiovascular conditioning. Once you learn the basics of rowing, you will be rowing up to 50 minutes consistently, and at times this will be at a strenuous pace. It is always advisable to consult with your physician before undertaking this or any new exercise routine.

If the physical sport of rowing does not appeal to you, however you are interested in getting out on the water and being part of a wonderful team we always welcome people who would like to learn the very important role of coxswain. The coxswain is the team member who steers the boat and directs the rowers.



    $240/six months

    $120/three months


    $100/summer clinic

How to join

New rowers are generally incorporated into the team in the summers, starting in June. At other times of the year, please call (707) 267-7976 and leave a message.