Accepting New Junior Rowers Now!!!

HBRA is a fantastic program for our youth and our community.  Our goal is to give every teen the opportunity to be a part of a different type of sport with a long American history.  They get a chance to be outside on our fantastic bay every day in a safe environment leaning how to work as a team.  Rowing is one of the best distractions a kid can have.  Some of our juniors have even gotten to race across the country and around the world.


JWe are accepting new rowers now through January.  Check out our Juniors page for more information.





A Big Thanks to Humboldt Sponsors for their donation of $1000.00 in 2016 to help with our rower financial assistance program.

For more information on Humboldt Sponsors please go to

Humboldt Bay Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for community members of all ages and abilities. HBRA is located in the Adorni Center and the HSU Boathouse on the Eureka Waterfront. Please call 707.677.3214 for further information.