While the Club has limited recruitment of new rowers due to Covid-19, there are still options for new rowers.

  • Do you have the necessary level of fitness? Rowing is a physically demanding sport. In order to learn to row safely you must be able to:
    • weigh a maximum of 215 pounds for males and 180 pounds for females; lift 35 pounds over your head; stand unassisted from a seated position; and maintain 20 minutes of moderate exercise,
    Determine which program is suitable for you. If you are under 19 and interested in our Juniors program you should contact our Head Coach by calling 707 267-7976.
  • For Adults, it is possible to schedule individual sculling lessons to join the Sculling program. We suggest that you plan to start lessons in April, as there will be more consistent rowing weather to get you started. Call 707 267-7976 for more information.

    Experienced adult rowers are welcome to call for more information about joining our club.

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